The State of GO TRI SPORTS Address 2016

The State of GO TRI SPORTS Address 2016

    Its that time again when we address the state of our business – take a brief moment to highlight the past year – and, lay out our vision for the future. This candid of an address may seem odd coming from a small owner-operated business – but we consider you our stakeholders since our success relies heavily upon your support – so, we are comfortable in speaking to you in such an open manner.

    As we enter another year – we must start with a big thank you for this past year – thank you for your support, patronage, friendship, and inspiration. It is hard to believe that we are entering our sixteenth year of business. We feel blessed to be part of this great community and able to make positive change for individuals and the community as a whole. As most of you know, Go Tri Sports is our passion – it is who we are. This endeavor we started fifteen years ago is not a hobby nor a second job that we afford partial effort to – every day and every customer gets the best we have at that time. Thank you to everyone that has stuck in there with us and helped us grow – and continue to motivate us to provide our best effort to serve our community.

    Its not our character to dwell on the past – instead we prefer to focus on whats ahead. So, we will make our reflection on 2015 brief and to the point. Go Tri Sports (retail) saw continued growth in 2015. We attribute this growth to our focus on a balanced inventory of Running gear and Bike gear (with a little swim thrown in) – and, the addition of new inventory. Our customer base grew as well, which we are very pleased about. In brief, our 2015 results give us great confidence as we stride into 2016.

    Go Tri Events (race production) had a fantastic year as well. Two of our triathlon series saw growth in 2015 – the Beach Bum Triathlons and the KIDS Triathlons. These events are the core of us – we have more fun producing these races and see more enjoyment from our participants – than any of our other events. Unfortunately, our longest running triathlon – the Hilton Head Triathlon – saw another year of decline – and thus, we are considering not moving forward with another production of this event. We are very proud to have brought triathlon back to Hilton Head Island – and the sport is here to stay via our Beach Bum Triathlons and KIDS Triathlons. 2015 also saw the beginning of a new event – the Beer Mile – which was a big hit (and a heck of a lot of fun). We enthusiastically anticipate producing ALL our events in 2016 – and growing the sports of triathlon and running in our community.

    This is our favorite part of being in business. Looking forward – planning and strategizing – figuring how to best utilize our resources to grow the business. For 2016, we are basing our sustainable growth strategy on two themes. First, have fun. We realize now more than ever that the more fun we have the better we do in business. We will constantly ask ourselves if our decisions will result in fun. If the answer is yes then we are all in – if the answer is no then we will pass on the opportunity. Second, do not be ordinary. We know that if we try to compete with ordinary we will get our tails handed to us. Instead, we will continue to separate ourselves from ordinary with the service we provide, the promotions we offer, and the events we produce. In 2016 we will continue to hone the processes by which we care for our customers. We will look for creative ways to offer savings to our customers on their triathlon and running gear. And, we will continue to provide our personal touch to all the events that we are involved with.

Go Tri Sports
    We feel there is a lot of growth opportunity in Go Tri Sports (retail). We plan on going after this growth via several avenues.  In 2016, we will expand our inventory to continue to meet your needs – including  another footwear line, new custom apparel, new triathlon apparel and wetsuits, and new accessories for the fitness freak, runner, and triathlete. We will re-focus our efforts online and allocate more resources to building our e-commerce arm of retail operations. We will also dedicate more resources to reaching our local market by offering classes and clinics that will both empower our customers and spread the word about Go Tri Sports. Our biggest challenge continues to be our small retail space. We will continue to look for ways to maximize our profitability in the space we are in. It takes a lot of creativity – but we are up for that challenge.

Go Tri Events
    Go Tri Events continues to grow and diversify its portfolio of races. There is a lot of upside to this arm of our business and we are thrilled with the future of event production on Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. New for 2016, we are excited to announce our partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the RBC Heritage Foundation to produce the Make-A-Wish “Walk For Wishes” 5K Run / Walk. This event will add another competitive and fun event to our line-up of races – see below:

March 12 – Hilton Head Beach BEER Mile
March 26 – Make-A-Wish “Walk for Wishes” 5K Run / Walk
July 2 – The TD Bank KIDS Triathlon – Hilton Head Island #1
July 9 – The Atlantic Community Bank BEACH BUM TRIATHLON #1
July 30 – The TD Bank KIDS Triathlon – Hilton Head Island #1
August 6 – The Atlantic Community Bank BEACH BUM TRIATHLON  #2
September 3 – Run for Ret – 5K Run/WOD

We are looking forward to another year of bringing the fun – hosting athletes for competitive events – and, building relationships through sport. Thank you to everyone that participated with us in 2015 – keep up the training and get ready to hit the races again in 2016.

    In 2016, we are proud to launch Go Tri Gives – the third component of the GO TRI business. First, in 2000, we created Go Tri Sports – a retail establishment that focuses on making athletes faster, preventing injury, and creating a community in which we can all flourish. Second, in 2002, we created Go Tri Events – an event production company focused on producing professional, fun, and competitive events. Now, third, in 2016 we are establishing Go Tri Gives – a 501c non-profit that will focus on providing resources to the youth of our community so that they may participate in athletic and educational programs aimed at their empowerment and development. Go Tri Gives will be self-funded by Go Tri Sports and Go Tri Gives – and will seek guidance from a board of community leaders that share its mission.

    Go Tri Gives is the “why” we do what we do. Central to our success has been the ability to express our passion – and wear our soul outside our chest. Go Tri Gives will be our small way of giving back and giving thanks for our great fortune.

    2016 promises to be another successful year. We look forward to continued growth and the challenges that our goals present. We are confident in our strategies and we are fueled by our passion for our business and our sport. We have always made positive change – we will work to continue this effort – and with your help and support, we look forward to 16 more years.

Thank You!

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