6 HOURS of HEAD – back for 2017!

We are stoked to announce that Hilton Head's ONLY Endurance event is back for 2017. The 6 Hours of Head will take place in August 2017. This event is formerly known as the 12 Hours of Head – but we are reducing the time frame and re-introducing it our community. The format is a 1 hour swim / 3 hour bike / 2 hour run -and, the participants will be scored by the number of miles (points) they cover during the 6 hours. Details on the scoring and other logisitcs will be posted on the event page (http://gotrievents.com/6-hours-of-head/) before the end of the year.

Why 6 Hours of Head? Because our community is loaded with endurance athletes and we deserve an opportunity to pursue our passion in our backyard.

Why the entry fee? Yes, this event used to be free. We are charging $25 now because we are offering FINISHER t-shirts and we will provide provisions at the aid table. And, a portion of the proceeds will go to Sheriff Tanner's re-election campaign (Just Kidding!). Look, no-one is getting rich here – we are just trying to cover costs.