SwimRun SC – Wrap Up

The SwimRun SC was epic. The vibe on race day was an old school island triathlon energy that I haven't felt in some time. Lots of faces showing emotions of excitement, nerves, and uncertainty – uncertain as to whether their strategy toward SwimRun transitions will work, uncertain whether they prepared enough for the physical toll that will be required, uncertain whether they have the right gear for the race, and a general uncertainty about this new format of racing they are about to take part in.

All told, the participants of this inaugural race set the benchmark really high for those that follow. Everyone finished, everyone put forth a strong effort, and everyone had a blast. Myself included – and the volunteers – we all enjoyed this event.  

Thank you to all the Volunteers that spent offered their time and efforts to make this race a success:
Bob and Bernie Kreisel
Ken and Jean Rioux
Taylor Ladd
Erik Ladd
Matt Farrar
Peter Heroy
Jack Heroy
Todd Hoke
Alan Reece
Scott Hopkins
Keri Olivetti
Our volunteers really showed their love for our endurance community – I can't thank them enough! 

Special thank you to Scott Hopkins for taking awesome photos of the event. I am always running around at my races and never get the chance to document the event – Scott took pictures on this day that are spectacular – and, capture the energy, fun, and efforts of everyone. Check out the pictures here.

We look forward to producing this race again – and we look forward to hosting you on Hilton Head Island.