When: August 13, 2017

Where: Go Tri Sports – Hilton Head Island, SC (MAP)

What: Hilton Head's ONLY Endurance Event (Swim 8am to 9am | Bike 9:15am to 12:15am | Run 12:15am to 2:15pm)

Why: To determine the fittest male and female on earth – and because Hilton Head needs an endurance event! Our community is full of endurance athletes and we deserve the opportunity to compete in our sport in our backyard.

Entry Fee: FREE (donations accepted to cover aid station supplies)

Contact: Email

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Registration is FREE – then why do I have to register. We ask that you register for this event so we have a head count and a way of communicating with everyone that plans to participate. Also, how else will we know how many cookies to have at the aid station??

The Event

Pre 8:00am:

Participants will meet at Coligny Beach (oceanfront of the public Coligny Beach Access). Everyone will be weighed in and counted. Everyone (as needed) will aid in setting the swim course.


Swim begins. Swim course will be a set course of apprx. 350m – with one to two bouys marking the turns. The format will be a circuit swim with each lap including a full swim around the buoys and an exit of the water to run around the campsite on the beach. All laps must be COMPLETE by 9:00am – any lap not completed by 9:00am will not be counted toward your points.

9:00am – 9:15am

Participants will have a 15 minute transition period to make their way to Go Tri Sports. Participants will queue their bikes and run gear in the transition area set up in front of Go Tri Sports. We will check your cycling computer before the start – cycling computer must have the trip distance zeroed out – reading "0" miles.


Cycling leg begins. Cyclists may ride anywhere. Cycling miles may be logged only by the cycling computer on your bike – NO exceptions. You are responsible for the function of your computer and your bike – i.e., there is no bike support other than the mechanics at On On Tri available during normal business hours. You are welcome to get help anywhere you like during the cycling leg. ALL cyclists must be back in the transition area by 1:30pm (or sooner) – NO exceptions – i.e., no cycling miles will be counted if you arrive back to transition area after 12:15pm.


Running leg begins. Runners will cover a set course from 12:15pm to 2:15pm – 2hrs. The run course is 3mi. loop from Go Tri Sports to the high tide mark at Coligny Beach.

Each loop will go past Go Tri Sports – an aid station will be set up for runners to receive hydration and nutrition. We will count your run loops – but, you are responsible for letting us know when you complete a loop. No run miles will count that are not completed by 2:15pm – i.e., if you beginning a loop at 1:45pm and do not finish by 2:15pm – then those miles do not count. Total run miles will be calculated by the number of loops completed x the distance of the loop.

Post 2:15pm:

6 Hours of Head Celebration at Go Tri Sports. Food and beverages (adult and youth) for everyone.


The Scoring for this event will be calculated on a point system – 1 Mile = 1 Point.
The calculation of the points will follow the below formula:

Swim = Swim Laps x 10

Bike = Actual Miles

Run = Actual Miles x 4

Total = Swim + Bike + Run = Total Miles

Narrative: The swim points will be scored by taking your swim laps multiplied by 10*. The bike points will be scored by taking your actual number of miles. The run points will be scored by taking your actual miles multiplied by 4**. Then the Total Points will be scored by adding the Swim Laps + Bike Miles +  Run Miles.

*We are multiplying the swim laps by 10 in the attempt to level bias in the event. The multiple of 10 was determined by thinking an average swimmer could swim 400m @ 10min pace over the 2 hour period (given the ocean entry / exit of each lap and the beach run around the campsite) – or, 1.5 miles over a 1 hour period – then multiplying 1.5 miles by 10 makes it 15 miles for that hour.

**We are muliplying the run miles by 4 in the attempt to level any bias in the event toward the cycling or running. The multiple of 4 was determined by thinking a runner could walk a 15min mile over the 6 hour period – or, 4 miles in one hour – then multiplying 4 miles by 4 makes it 16 miles for that hour. We also believe most cyclist could ride a 16 miles per hour over the 6 hour period. Hopefully, this will balance the activities – and make it a more competitive event.

Team Relay

Teams may participate. Teams may consist of 2 or 3 members. Each Team member must compete in at least one discipline – and, only one team member may be scored per event.


NO Awards – participating and completing the 6 hours is award enough. And, did you see that the event is FREE.


Race At Your Own Risk. You, and only you, are liable for your safety during this event. Go Tri Events, Go Tri Sports, its employees, associates, sponsors, affiliates – and, all other participants in this event are not liable for anything. This event is not sponsored or produced by Go Tri Events or Go Tri Sports. All participants should wear the appropriate gear for this event – eg., bike helmets, running shoes, and proper attire.