Hilton Head HOT CHOCOLATE RUN 5K & 10K

WHAT: FREE Community Run – 5K and 10K routes – with hot chocolate and coffee provided afterwards.

WHEN: Saturday, January 21 2017

WHERE: Whole Foods – Hilton Head Island

WHY: "Because running should be free man" – Caballo Blanco

COST: Free – donations will be accepted to benefit Go Tri Gives. MAX donation allowed is $5 – but, you don't have to give anything – just come run.


Click here to register

Q: Wait – isn't this FREE! Why do I have to register?
A: We ask you to register for a number of reasons. 1.) To keep track of who is, and how many are, coming. 2.) It affords us a way to communicate with all of you actually coming to the event.



Q: Is this a race?

Q: Is this run timed? 
A: NO, this is not a race. However, we may ask all runners to record their time on the clipboard at the end of the run. This is for your training purposes only.

Q: Ok.. so if it’s not a race, then what is it?
A: This is a FREE Community Run hosted by Go Tri Sports and Whole Foods Market – consider it a glorified group run. The motto for this run is "No Fees, No Awards, No Aid, No Wimps.”

Q: Is it really 100% Free?
A: Yes it is! However, there is a considerable amount of time and effort that goes into organizing these runs. A donation jar is will be out on our truck prior to the run start. If you should feel so inclined, thankful, or other.. we welcome you to drop a few dollars into the jar. NO DONATIONS greater than $5 will be accepted. ALL DONATIONS will go to fund our non-profit Go Tri Gives.

Q: Is there really no awards?
A: Really.. there are no awards. It’s not a race. However, hot chocolate and coffee will be provided at the finish and that is award enough for most.

Q: Is there really no aid?
A: Actually, we DO have aid. We will do a few things to make sure all runners are taken care of during the run. We’ll show up to the run with a few jugs of water. You should be well hydrated. Snacks would be nice – so if you feel inclined to bring something then go for it. Remember… this is your community and you get what you give.

Q: Will there be course markings?
A: NO.. none whatsoever. It is the runners responsibility to know the course. A map is posted above and can be downloaded to bring along if you feel necessary.

Q: What if I get hurt or lost?
A: You are participating in these runs AT YOUR OWN RISK. Go Tri Events, Go Tri Sports, or any other legal entity or individual – NO ONE is responsible for you or to you. Again, these are glorified group runs designed to bring runners together and share in our joy of running. The choice to run in our runs is your own. The choice to follow the route we’ve laid out for you, or something different, is your own. The choice to start early, leave early, start late, leave late, not start at all, not finish at all, to eat, to not eat, to put money in the jar, to not put money in the jar, to pee, or poo, etc etc.. is your own. You are participating 100% AT YOUR OWN RISK.