TD BANK Hilton Head Island KIDS Triathlon #1– July 1, 2017
Location – Island Recreation Center – Hilton Head Island, SC
Time – 9am Start

TD BANK Hilton Head Island KIDS Triathlon #2 – August 5, 2017
Location – Island Recreation Center – Hilton Head Island, SC
Time – 9am Start


Ages 4-6
Swim 25 Yds | Bike 0.5 Mi | Run 0.33 Mi

Ages 7-10
Swim 75 Yds | Bike 2 Mi | Run 1 Mi

Ages 11-14
Swim 125 Yds | Bike 3 Mi | Run 1.5 Mi


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Transition Area: The transition area will be set up in the front parking lot of the Island Recreation Center. Bike racks will be placed in 3 zones – grouped by age divisions. Participants will rack their bike on the bike rack(s) in their zone and set up their transition area next to their bike with their race equipment (helmet, running shoes, …).

Swim: NOTE A CHANGE FOR 2017 – Given the construction at the Island Recreation Center, we have to re-position the transition zone. And subsequently, we are going to change the order in which the race begins. So, the race still starts at 9am – but the age goups 7-10 and 11-14 will first complete the swim then head over to the bike and run. Once the two older age groups complete the bike portion – then the 4-6 year olds will being the swim and then head over to the bike and run. 
The swim will be monitored by life guards and there will be skilled volunteers in the water (along the swim lane) assisting the swimmers if needed.

Transition 1: Participants enter the transition area and go straight to their bike. All particpants must wear a helmet – NO EXCEPTIONS. Participants must run their bikes out of transition and mount their bike in the safe zone.

Bike: Participants will bike their respective distance. All passing must be on the left side of the overtaken rider.

Transition 2: Participants will dis-mount their bike in the safe zone and run their bike back to their spot in the transition.

Run: Participants will run their respective distance – and, finish at the finish line in front of the Island Rec Center.


Q: Can I register the morning of the race?
A: Yes – and, there is no late fee.

Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking is recommended at any of the public school lots surrounding the Island Recreation Center. The parking lot directly in front of the Island Rec Center will be closed for the event.

Q: Are swimming aids allowed?
A: Yes – anything goes in the water – lifejackets, fins, water wings, kickboards …

Q: Are helmets required?
A: Yes – helmets are mandatory.

Q: Are earphones allowed?
A: No – earphones are not permitted anytime during the race – please leave them at home.

Q: What bikes are allowed?
A: All bikes are permitted – given they are in safe and functional condition.

Q: Is this race timed / scored?
A: No – this race will not provide official timed scores / ranks. We will acknoowledge the fastest male and female in each age division.

Q: Are medals awarded to the finishers?
A: Yes – all finishers receive a medal.

Q: How will bad weather impact the race?
A: Our primary concern is safety – we will not proceed with the race if it is raining or lightening. All other conditions will be considered, but will not likely impact the race (ie. hot weather, windy, …)

Q: Will the roads be closed to vehicle traffic?
A: Yes – no vehicles will be allowed on the race course. We will have volunteers monitoring the course at all times.