SWIMRUN SC – Hilton Head Island

WHAT: Swim and Run SC – ~23.5 Kilometers along Hilton Head's Coast and Waterways
WHEN: Sunday May 14, 2017 – 10:30am
WHERE: Coligny Beach, Hilton Head Island (MAP)
WHY: Just running a 5K is sooo yesterday!
HOW: Entry Fee $50 Individual / $70 Team (2 ppl) – proceeds benefit Go Tri Gives
WHO: Anyone 15 yrs or older – and, ready to take the challenge!


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Individual – $50 Early / $60 Late
Team (2ppl.) – $70 Early / $80 Late
– Proceeds benefit Go Tri Gives –

31+ days from race day = 75% refund
7+ days from race day = 50% refund
Week of race = No Refund


There will be a mandatory pre-race meeting for all participants (individual and team members) on Saturday afternoon.
Time: 5:30p
Location: 2 Port Au Prince Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (MAP)


Sunday – 10am @ the Race Site (participants will pick up race bib, race tshirt, and get body marked)
**Note** – there is no Saturday packet pickup


RACE FORMAT – The format of this event is one loop course around Hilton Head Island – we will have 5 swims and 5 runs that will cover a total distance of 23.5K. Each swim leg will be between 250 – 350m.
Total swim distance ~ 2500m -and- total run distance ~ 21k.

Swim 300m (Coligny Beach)
Run 2k
Swim 300m (Sonesta Resort)
Run 1.8k
Swim 300m (Marriot Resort)
Run 3k
Swim 25m (Inlet Crossing)
Run 8.6k
Swim 1500m (Broad Creek)
Run 5.5k


Overview Map – SwimRun SC

Broad Creek Swim

Course Management Map – SwimRun SC

Interactive Route – SwimRun SC


1st Cutoff – 3hrs @ the Broad Creek dock. If you have not started the swim leg at Broad Creek by 3hrs – then, we will not allow you to continue the race – and, we will transport you to the finish)
2nd Cutoff – 4:15hrs @ Finish (ie., we consider the race over at the 4:15hr mark – at which point, we will find you and transport you to the finish)


Male and Female : 1st Overall – Male & Female

Team Relay : 1st Overall



  • Race will be a combination of running and swimming
  • Race will follow the HEADS UP format – ie, the race course is NOT closed – so, while participants are on the public pathways they are responsible for their safety; they are required to follow all pedestrian laws; they are requires to cross roads / intersections only at marked crosswalks; and, they are required to keep their heads up at all times and be prepared to share the course with the general public. 


  • Race course is a single loop course covering 23.5 kilometers
  • Race Course consists of 5 swim sections (each approx. 300m) and 5 run sections.
  • Race course will have 1 aid station
  • The race organization reserves the right to alter, shorten or otherwise change the course at any time as a consequence of weather or other unexpected course conditions beyond their control that may jeopardize the safety of athletes.


  • Throughout the course, checkpoints will be established that must be reached by a certain time in order to continue racing. Information concerning the cutoffs will be provided at the pre-race brief. Organizers reserve the right to modify these times during the race as conditions require
  • An individual or team that has abandoned the race shall report to the nearest checkpoint or race staff as soon as possible


  • Athletes must enter and exit the water in front of the Race Flags
  • Athlete must cover swim section in at least waist deep water
  • Athlete is allowed assistance from water support so as long as it does not move the athlete forward
  • Athlete may not receive assistance from anyone except race officials, race volunteers, and other participants
  • Athlete is responsible for carrying all gear – there are no drop points – and, athlete must finish with all gear that he/she started with
  • Headphones, or any devise that impairs hearing, are not allowed


  • Teams will consist of 2 people
  • The team format will play as such: Member #1 swims while Member #2 bikes to check point – Member #1 exits water and Member #2 runs while Member #1 bikes next to runner – repeat to complete course
  • The 2 team members must stay together the entire course – and, both team members must be present to check in at each check point
  • Team members' have descretion as to who runs and swims each section
  • Each team is responsible for providing a bike to utilize for the relay
  • A Team member may not begin the next leg until they are tagged by their team member
  • Headphones, or any devise that impairs hearing, are not allowed
  • Each team member must follow the rules detailed above (Individual Rules)


  • Mandatory:
    – swim cap (we provide)
    – race bib (we provide)
  • Recommended:
    – triathlon shorts or swim brief / triathlon top
    – swim goggles
    – run shoes and socks
    – sunscreen
    – body glide
    – sunglasses
    – run visor / hat
    – nutrition extras
  • Optional:
    – wetsuit
    – swim pull buoy


  • The participants must know the rules and follow the rules
  • The participants must know the course and follow the course
  • The participants shall respect other participants, race officials, volunteers, spectators and the people living in the race area
  • The participants are not allowed to use unfair methods to get advantages
  • The participants are obliged to help in case of emergency if the race officials are asking for it
  • The participants are participating at their own risk and can not hold the race organizers responsible for any accident during the race
  • A team or Individuals that has abandoned the race shall report it as soon as possible to the race organizers or volunteer
  • The participants are not allowed to throw trash in the nature. If anyone is doing so they will get disqualified


  • The race organizers can refuse an individual or team to continue if they judge them not capable due to fatigue or being in such bad physical condition that continued racing would be to take unnecessary risk


  • The participants gives the race organizers the right to use pictures and media material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and films etc


  • By entering the race each individual and team member accepts the rules in full


Start Time: 10:30am

Start & Finish Location – Coligny Beach – Hilton Head Island (MAP)

Arrival Time: Arrive at start site (Coligny Beach) site no later than 9:30am.

Parking: Parking on race day is available at the Coligny Town Parking Lot – adjacent to the Coligny Beach access.

Packet PickUp: Sunday – 9am @ the Race Site (MAP) – (participants will pick up race bib, race tshirt, and get body marked)
**Note** – there is no Saturday packet pickup

Race Format:  23.5k one loop format (swim / run x 5)

Body Marking: Body Marking will begin at 9:30am at the race site.

Pre-Race Instructions/Meeting: This meeting will take place at the start area on the beach at approx. 9:30am. At this pre-race meeting we will go over the race instructions, course, and any other logistics. This meeting will also provide time to answer any questions the triathletes have.

Results: Results will be posted on the race website

Awards Ceremony: Awards presentation will begin ___ . The awards ceremony will take place on Coligny Beach. You must be present to collect your award – or have someone get it for you. Awards will not be mailed out. The awards ceremony is expected to take place at 9:30am.

Awards Divisions:

Post-race Refreshments: Refreshments will be located on Coligny Beach.


  1. What type surface will I be running on?
    For the first 8k, the race is on the beach (and swimming is in the ocean). Then, the course turns to asphalt leisure trails (with one last swim in Broad Creek).
  2. Are headphones allowed?
    No, please refrain from using headphones during the run portion this event.
  3. Are wetsuits allowed?
    Yes, this race is not sanctioned by USAT or any other sanctioning body – so wetsuits are always allowed – no matter the water temperature. If you choose to wear a wetsuit – remember that you are required to carry it on the run and it must be with you at the finish.
  4. Is there an age limit to compete?
    All swimmers must be 15 years old on race day. So, a triathlete racing solo has to be at least 15 on race day. But, team members may be under 15 if they are the runner (and, the swimmer is at least 15).